Aries (Mesham):
Sudden events that come to you via TV, newspapers, or the Internet, could shake up long-cherished belief systems today, Aries. This could have you feeling momentarily disconcerted and a bit disillusioned. At the same time, this information could open up new doors for you. Your natural curiosity will eventually win out, and youíre likely to want to read all you can about whatever is on your mind. New discoveries can be fascinating!
Taurus (Reshabam):
A task that youíve been working on for a long time could come to a standstill today due to circumstances beyond your control. Youíre likely to feel quite frustrated, Taurus, as there seems to be nothing you can do to speed things up. Donít agonize over this, however; it will get going again. The best thing you can do is find something else to work on until the blockages have been released.
Gemini (Mithunam):
Be prepared today, Gemini. A longtime dream regarding your career may finally become a reality. At first you might not believe it, fighting the news in order to avoid possible disappointment. Donít fall into this trap; it creates negative energy, which can get in your way. Youíve worked hard to be where you are, and you arenít likely to stop advancing. Accept your accolades, thank everyone, and then move on.
Cancer (Kadagam):
You tend to be your own worst critic, Cancer, and today youíre more likely to be that way. Recent setbacks on the job might find you harboring doubts about your own capabilities. Be objective about the situation. Whatever happened was probably above and beyond your control, so it isnít fair to doubt yourself because of it. Work hard, continue to do the best you can, and donít let outside events sap your belief in yourself.
Leo (Simmam):
Today could be a strange day where money is concerned, Leo. You might not be sure exactly where you stand financially, so it might be a good idea to get all your records together and go over them carefully. This isnít a good day for gambling or making investments of any kind. Instead, get whatever information you can on investments that interest you, study them, and make appropriate decisions later.
Virgo (Kanni):
Unsafe conditions could exist around the house, Virgo, which may result in accidents if they arenít rectified. Some may not be readily apparent, so warn family members to be careful. This isnít a good day to do any heavy work around the home. If youíre planning major repairs, it might be a good idea to postpone them. This is, however, a good day for planning such repairs, as you can be especially methodical right now.
Libra (Thulam):
Libra, one or more of your co-workers could appear to be rather upset or depressed on the job today, and this is likely to affect your own efficiency. Your colleagues in question arenít going to be very much into communicating, so itís best just to turn a blind eye and keep on working in spite of the situation. Itís going to be tougher than usual, but itís nothing you canít handle
Scorpio (Viruchagam):
Profligate spending in the past may come back to haunt you now with regard to money, Scorpio. There could be blocks in receiving funds you were expecting or an unexpected but necessary expense could come up. Itís going to take all your talent for careful planning to work your way around this situation, but take heart. The situation can turn to a positive one in the blink of an eye, and probably will.
Sagittarius (Dhanusu):
Boredom and restlessness may plague you today, Sagittarius. You could feel the need to break loose from the ties that bind you to mundane affairs, to run away and seek adventure, although you arenít certain what kind of adventure! The walls may be closing around you at home and on the job. You might want to plan some kind of outing for an upcoming weekend in order to give yourself a needed break.
Capricorn (Magaram):
Your concentration should be high today, Capricorn. Youíre likely to be more observant than usual. Donít be surprised if you find yourself noticing people and sensing their thoughts and feelings even more than usual. This is a good day to read, study, attend a class, or otherwise acquire new information. You may discover something new about a subject that really interests you, and you might want to spend the day reading about it.
Aquarius (Kumbam):
Worries about money could be uppermost in your mind today, Aquarius. You may have suffered some financial setbacks and wonder how you can muster enough funds to get over the hump. However, help is on the way. An outside source could provide funds to tide you over. Whatever other problems you may have will all be straightened out later. Your own ingenuity and a little help from your friends will probably see you through.
Pisces (Meenam):
Setbacks on the job might have you a little depressed and worried. Donít worry, Pisces; all will be well. Think of this as a challenge to overcome. Your natural practicality and efficiency will see you through. Someone isnít being totally honest with you. Encourage people around you to open up and communicate a little. What they say may not be all that agreeable, but at least youíll be better able to assess the situation.